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Host any meditation and participate FREE.
Well-Being Services are offered as one-on-one sessions. Guided Meditations can be individual or group oriented.

Please scroll down for a detailed listing of Well-Being Services.

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Because a desire for personal growth and the mind-body-soul connection are very meaningful to me, I'd be happy to discuss payment options with you.



Nourish your mind, body and soul. Allow yourself a quiet hour to slow down and BREATHE.  Guided meditations are a safe, gentle way to relax and connect with your body, calm your mind, nourish your soul, or focus on positive intentions for your daily life.

A small sampling of Guided Meditations offered: Body Mapping for Vitality; Chakra Balance and Harmony;  Energy Flow; Inspiration Through Relaxation; My Inner Sanctuary; Deep Wisdom; Planting Seeds for Prosperity; Visualizing Success and Fulfillment (in your personal life or career path); Dissolving Negative Patterns; Overcoming Obstacles and Fears.

Guided meditations can be customized to meet individual or group needs. If you're not sure what you'd like your meditation session to focus on, please contact me and we'll figure it out together.

45 mins | $20/person

(6 - 20 participants)

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A Power Animal or Spirit Totem is a compassionate helping Spirit that reveals itself in the form of an animal.  Your personal Power Animal is deeply connected to you from birth, and has special gifts, strengths and powers to offer you both in your daily life and during challenging time. Allow me to retrieve your unique Power Animal and explain how to connect with it. Strengthen the bond between you by consciously drawing upon it for strength, support and protection.

(also fun to do with a group of friends!)

20 minutes | $40

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No matter how beautiful your home or office, stagnant or even negative energies tend to accumulate over time. Stressful situations or events, the residual energy of less than positive people, home improvement projects, moving into a new home or office, even ordinary daily living with its inherent ups and downs can have a subtle negative impact on your space and related work, relationships, and life.

Using traditional tools such as Feng Shui placement, smudging, crystals, water and/or feathers, as well as the power of the 4 elements, essential oils and “mudras”, Elemental Space Clearing® does more than just clear, revitalize and purify the energy in your surroundings. Elemental Space Clearing® infuses your space with a recharged energy field and a radiant and harmonious vitality that creates positive energy flow through the surrounding area and the people within it.

Initial Consultation | $55.00

Space Clearing | $150.00 - $3000.00, based on size of space to be cleared

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Narratives from your subconscious

Tune into your subconscious mind via a personalized one-on-one guided meditation in the comfort of your own home.

Soul Journey: This personal guided meditation is a very safe and comfortable way to relax deeply and connect with your inner wisdom. Meet with your inner guide and receive a personally meaningful narrative from your subconscious that can be used to assist you in self-realization, transformation, personal growth and healing, or simply to bring clarity to a situation. We will spend some time after the Soul Journey to discuss and interpret your narrative. 

Healing Life Story (aka Past Life Regression): A deeper version of the Soul Journey, a Life Story can be viewed as a metaphoric narrative from your subconscious mind, or as an actual past life revisited. Accessed via a guided meditation in a deeply relaxed state (“regression”), your Healing Life Story plays out like a lucid dream or short movie featuring you. Exploring and examining this "other life" story is extremely helpful in understanding, healing, and clearing away fears and phobias, repetitive negative patterns, limitations, and obstacles in your daily life. Because time is not linear, it is also possible to use a Life Story meditation session to go back into your past and heal relationships, events, or situations that have caused deep inner pain or hurt.

We will spend some time after the Life Story session to discuss and interpret your narrative, and identify tools to assist you in the process of release and change.

75 minutes | $150

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Cutting the cords that bind

Have you ever felt deeply connected to someone? Have you ever wanted to move on from a situation, an event or a relationship, but found it difficult to do? That’s because there is an invisible energetic “cord” literally tying you it. Some of these cords are vibrant, healthy, full of vitality and positivity, connecting us to people or events that bring joy and support to our lives. Then there are other relationships and events that stifle or corrode us, with energetic “cords” binding us to them that are dull, dense and full of negativity, draining us of energy. A cord-cutting ceremony is a powerful, symbolic, beautiful and compassionate way to cut the dense negative energetic cords between you and any less-than-positive relationship or event in your life. With a specific negative situation in mind, follow a personalized guided meditation to release and free yourself to move forward, while sending the other person compassion and healing.

45 - 60 minutes | $100

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Shamans have been present in almost all cultures around the world, bringing deep healing and restoring balance to their people. In partnership with you, the Shaman moves into a deeply meditative "dream state" where he or she can connect with your energy to effect mental, physical, emotional or spiritual healing on multiple levels. The Shaman shares the narrative of this journey with you, and assists you in interpreting this story in order to bring you whatever healing you need .

Shamanic journeys can also help bring clarity to a difficult situation or decision: when faced with having to decide between several alternatives, a Shaman can retrieve a set of narratives for you that have personal resonance, and which can assist you in decision-making. Request a healing session or the retrieval of personalized narratives to bring you clarity.

45 - 60 minutes | $100

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also facilitates healing. It is based on the idea that Chi, an unseen "life force energy", flows through everyone and everything. Low levels of Chi lead to stress, dis-ease, and general discomfort or lack of energy. Using a very respectful, safe and gentle hands-on approach, a Reiki practitioner acts as a channel for pure energy from the Universe. Because pure Universal energy vibrates at a higher level than blocked or sluggish energy within the body, a Reiki session can break up areas of blocked or sluggish Chi, and restore and help balance and regulate the flow of Chi within your body. The very palpable balancing of your body's energy flow leads to reduced stress levels and a body that is relaxed and capable of healing itself.

75 minutes | $120

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