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Personal Growth Coachings are usually offered as small group sessions, but can be adapted to accommodate larger groups.

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"Only by changing deep-rooted beliefs will you experience change." - Bruce Lipton

Dramatically improve your life in just 21 days. We will meet four times, and each  weekly two-hour session will include a grounding meditation, creative visualizations to plant seeds for personal growth, inner work to identify and transform disempowering patterns and beliefs, group exercises and hands-on activities to boost your capacity to receive, facilitated discussions, individual work, and simple yet powerful tools you can use immediately to initiate change.  You will learn how to clear resistance out of your auric field and chakras, create an altar dedicated to abundance, utilize space clearing and Feng Shui tips, and work with crystals, essential oils and vision boards to help you attract abundance.

Learn how to make space for abundance to flow into your life, surround yourself with positive relationships, give your career and personal projects a giant boost, and attract financial success. Experience how changing your subconscious patterns changes and super-charges your life. Get rid of limitations that hold you back, and learn powerful tools to immediately begin manifesting prosperity in every sphere. Start living a gloriously abundant life NOW!

8 hours | $300.00/person

(6 - 12 participants)

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"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be." - Albert Einstein

Do you sometimes think you're doing everything right, and still not living the life you hoped for? Do you often wonder what the true purpose of your life is? Do you find yourself asking: how did I get here; where is the real me?

Instead of being a bystander in your own life, become the co-creator of you own destiny. Over the course of 4 weeks, renew and recreate your life and align yourself with your true inner purpose.

"When we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen." - Henry David Thoreau

As we move through life, we tend to unconsciously take on others' expectations of ourselves. In conforming to external definitions of who and what we should be, how we should act and live, by what metrics we should measure success, we allow ourselves to forget our purpose and who we truly are. We lose the ability to hear our inner wisdom, and we are no longer able to tap into our intuition. Rather than fearlessly following our truth, we condition ourselves to follow the path most traveled.

Clear away physical, emotional and mental clutter through guided meditations and in-depth inner work. Find your true self and align with your true purpose. Learn how your subconscious limits you and your ability to succeed.  Aquire the tools to reprogram your subconscious in order to successfully pursue your own life-path. Discover how to empower yourself with positive beliefs and patterns. Shake off negative, limiting influences in your life, whether internal or external. Begin to access your own inner wisdom, and to follow your inner guide. Give voice to forgotten parts of your Self and start living again as an expression of who you really are.

This course requires a daily commitment to your Self for 28 days. Following a non-traditional meeting structure, we will interact through daily phone calls, five weekly meetings, guided meditations, hands-on activities, and personal assignments to be completed both daily and weekly.

"The Soul loves the Truth." - Denise Linn

28 days | $600.00/person

(1 - 10 participants)

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"Our bodies change our mind... our minds change our behavior... our behaviors change our outcome." -- Amy Cuddy

Your mind’s language affects your body and your body’s language affects your mind. What you think you are affects how you move through your world; how you move through your world affects your experiences. Learn some simple yet powerful techniques to help get you aligned in mind, body and spirit. Connect with your body via a Body Mapping meditation. Get your energy flowing with the help of targeted stretching exercises. Align your skeletal system through specific movements and instantly look more confident. Learn to relate simple mental cues with body awareness to instantly improve the way you project yourself. Use this workshop and increase productivity, interview better, or simply move more confidently through the day. Watch your presence expand, your confidence soar, your impact grow and your outcomes change as you begin to move through the world with a sense of strength, poise and power.

4 hours | $100.00/person

(6 - 10 participants)

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