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Testimonials mean a lot to me! If you've taken a course of mine, please consider sending me your thoughts by clicking on the button below.

Anuradhika Roy is one of the few select individuals worldwide that I have chosen to personally train in my specialized methods of coaching. She is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.
— Denise Linn, Founder International Institute of Soul Coaching®
I did not have any expectations of Anuradhika’s workshop “Awakening the Divine Feminine Within”, but was open to the possibility of the awakening. Through the gentle guidance of Anuradhika, I was able to identify my archetype through interactive discussions, soul cards and meditation. Anuradhika helped connect us with what the Universe wants for us to grow into our authentic self, heal and strengthen our Divine light within. Truly a great experience for me, and I look forward to working again with Anuradhika.
— Lisa V.
A Skeptic turned Believer - I always considered myself to be strong, pragmatic and as somebody who controlled the course of her life through actions and not mind games. However, the Power Animal Retrieval I asked Anuradhika to do for me has forced me to admit, even to myself, that believing and focusing on something powerful can truly and “magically” make a significant difference to my stress level and my ability to cope and thrive everyday. I suddenly feel like I have a fairy Godmother looking after me - and I do: my “Power Animal”. I can’t wait to try her other workshops. Thanks Anuradhika!
— Manjot K.
Taking an Abundance workshop with Anuradhika helped me to focus on and maximize the good things flowing into my life instead of focusing on the lack. Sending out my intentions to the universe daily have helped me grow in all aspects of my life.
— Laura G.
Anuradhika’s workshop was instrumental in transforming my mindset from scarcity to abundant thinking. Instead of focusing on the reasons I can’t do or achieve something, I now focus on how I can make it happen and all the positive outcomes. So much of what holds us back in life is our own limited thinking. The Universe wants us all to be happy and successful in our own right, and Anuradhika is a caring and wise soul that will help guide you toward that abundance.
— Jason G.
Three years ago, I asked my best friend to teach her secrets to rising above and being happy. I was stuck in a good place, but not a great one and wanted to get more out of my life. Anuradhika was able to open my personal perspective more than I could have imagined and I began to ask for a more abundant life, not just money or spouse. Because of this initial awakening, I attribute a great deal to her insight and knowledge which has brought me more success, healthier relationships, and more joy than I could have asked for. This class changed my life for the better. I cannot simply say enough about the positive impact this woman has had on my life. Enjoy this class and be open to your abundant possibilities.
— Jacob J.